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Samu, Ferenc and Elek, Zoltán and Růžičková, Jana and Botos, Erika and Kovács, Bence and Ódor, Péter (2023) Can Gap-Cutting Help to Preserve Forest Spider Communities? DIVERSITY (BASEL), 15 (2). ISSN 1424-2818

Aszalós, Réka and Kovács, Bence and Tinya, Flóra and Németh, Csaba and Horváth, Csenge Veronika and Ódor, Péter (2023) Canopy gaps are less susceptible to disturbance-related and invasive herbs than clear-cuts: Temporal changes in the understorey after experimental silvicultural treatments. FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, 549. ISSN 0378-1127

Burrascano, Sabina and Chianucci, Francesco and Trentanovi, Giovanni and Kepfer-Rojas, Sebastian and Sitzia, Tommaso and Tinya, Flóra and Aszalós, Réka and Bölöni, János and Frank, Tamás and Kovács, Bence and Lakatos, Ferenc and Németh, Csaba and Ónodi, Gábor and Veres, Katalin and Ódor, Péter (2023) Where are we now with European forest multi-taxon biodiversity and where can we head to? BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION, 284. ISSN 0006-3207

Trentanovi, Giovanni and Campagnaro, Thomas and Sitzia, Tommaso and Chianucci, Francesco and Vacchiano, Giorgio and Kovács, Bence and Ódor, Péter and Tinya, Flóra (2023) Words apart: Standardizing forestry terms and definitions across European biodiversity studies. FOREST ECOSYSTEMS, 10. ISSN 2095-6355

Horváth, Csenge Veronika and Kovács, Bence and Tinya, Flóra and Schadeck Locatelli, Julia and Németh, Csaba and Illés, Gábor and Ódor, Péter (2023) A matter of size and shape: Microclimatic changes induced by experimental gap openings in a sessile oak–hornbeam forest. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 873. ISSN 0048-9697

Tinya, Flóra and Doerfler, Inken and de Groot, Maarten and Heilman-Clausen, Jacob and Kovács, Bence and Aszalós, Réka and Ódor, Péter (2023) A synthesis of multi-taxa management experiments to guide forest biodiversity conservation in Europe. GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION, 46. ISSN 2351-9894

Tinya, Flóra and Kovács, Bence and Bidló, András and Dima, Bálint and Lengyelné Király, Ildikó and Kutszegi, Gergely and Lakatos, Ferenc and Mag, Zsuzsa and Márialigeti, Sára and Samu, Ferenc and Turcsányiné Siller, Irén and Ódor, Péter (2021) Environmental drivers of forest biodiversity in temperate mixed forests – A multi-taxon approach. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 795. ISSN 0048-9697

Samu, Ferenc and Elek, Zoltán and Kovács, Bence and Fülöp, Dávid Krisztián and Botos, Erika and Schmera, Dénes and Aszalós, Réka and Bidló, András and Németh, Csaba and Sass, Vivien and Tinya, Flóra and Ódor, Péter (2021) Resilience of spider communities affected by a range of silvicultural treatments in a temperate deciduous forest stand. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 11 (1). ISSN 2045-2322

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